The Dominican Republic is known not only as a dream vacation destination, but is also famous for producing coffee specialties from high quality coffee Coffee trees grow at high altitudes and coffee is characterized by mild acidity and earthy tones.

Coffees from higher areas usually have a higher acid content than coffees from lower plantations.

It is estimated that up to 90% of Dominican coffee is a variety (Coffea arabica var. Typica) and the remaining 10% is one of several Arabic varieties of Bourbon, including (Coffea arabica var. Bourbon), Catuai (Coffea arabica var. Catuai), Caturra ( Coffea arabica var. Caturra) and Mundo Novo (Coffea arabic).

There are up to 7 production areas in the Dominican Republic. They are: Cibao, Barahona, Noroesta, Neyba, Sierra Sur, Sierra Occidental and Sierra Central.

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